American primaries in West Virginia and Nebraska have confirmed that Donald Trump is now very close to the Republican party presidential candidate nomination. In addition, Bernie Sanders has strengthened his position as exponent able to attract the youngest part of the Democratic electorate. In this bizarre presidential year, other surprises could not be excluded on the road of the probable nomination of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The Democrats must find a way to absorb the pressure by his candidate from the left. The Newyorkese tycoon must reconcile with the Republicans to try to obtain necessary funds to face an insidious electoral campaign.

Anyway, the historical event of these days is the visit of President Barack Obama to Hiroshima. Surely the aim of the travel is not to apologize for the bomb wherewith United States had dropped in 1945 at the end of WWII. In my opinion, this travel of Obama underlines the innovative nature of his presidency that will be remembered as an important turning point in the American political history.

The Obama’s administration has been characterized by the revision of the way to conceive the international hegemony of the superpower that had shaped the balance of bipolar and then multi-polar world. Diplomacy has a more predominant role than the exercise of military force in foreign policy of President Obama.

The abstention from the warren campaigns abroad (No Boots on the ground) may have given the idea of a declining phase for United States, but in reality America has renounce the role of guardian of the international order, giving importance to the dialogue and to new peace agreements in view of new multi-polar balances.

After Cuba and Iran, Hiroshima obtains an high symbolic value indicating a different future to the new occupant of the White House.


Massimo Teodori


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