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    First Level Master: Cultural Diplomacy – Arts and Media for International Relations and Global Communication.

    A NEW INTERNATIONAL MASTER PROGRAM IN CULTURAL DIPLOMACY Cities, museums, visual arts, music, sport, big events and social media represent […]

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    Master “Selected Issues of International Taxation as International Law” – Bari, May 22/29

    The Center for American Studies is pleased to report the master program sponsored by the Law Department of University of […]

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    CSA Round Table “End of secrets: Putin at war in an engagement age” with Maksymilian Czuperski

    CSA Round Table “End of secrets: Putin at war in an engagement age” Maksymilian Czuperski, Digital Forensic Research Lab, Atlantic […]

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    Clinton-Trump: will the economic agendas prevail on personal scandals?

    by Marco Magnani and Fosco Riani   This is not an ordinary time and this is not an ordinary election. […]

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    “Abraham Lincoln: An American Drama” by Tiziano Bonazzi

    Abraham Lincoln is a historical and personal drama that succeeds at not romanticizing or moralizing its subject. It is the […]

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    “Leadership and the White House” by Daniele Fiorentino

    Obama’s journey to Japan and his moving tribute to the victims of Hiroshima—taking place during a quiet spell in the […]

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