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    USA, Syria and EU: interview with Strategic Studies Program Bahrain Center Ashraf Kishk

    Head of Strategic Studies Program Bahrain Center for Strategic International & Energy Studies, Manama, Prof. Ashraf Kishk is convinced there […]

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    “I have a dream”: Martin Luther King 50 years after his death

    Martin Luther King was born in Atlanta in 1929. He dedicated his youth to theological studies in the city of […]

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    Migration flows and the USA: interview with Professor Nikolaos Zahariadis

    “The USA must talk to the home countries of the migrants trying to understand if they are leaving for political […]

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    “Birds of passage”: histories of Italian immigrants to America in the XIX century

    From the end of the eighties of the nineteenth century, a wave of migration led more than 26 million of […]

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    Il ruolo dei reporters USA durante il fascismo secondo il prof. Mauro Canali

    Control and information, recruitment and propaganda are the “keywords” base of the relationship between the American correspondents in Italy and […]

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    Interview with Professor John Jenkins, Yale University

    Interview with Professor John Jenkins. Sir Jenkins is Junior Fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University, and […]

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