Interview to Angelo Baiocchi

    Journalist, writer, professor, author, director: these are the roles that were held by Angelo Baiocchi, who is even a famous […]

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    Understanding Trump’s Victory: an interview with Mattia Ferraresi

      The Center for American Studies recently welcomed Mattia Ferraresi to introduce his new book, La Febbre Di Trump. He […]

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    An analysis of the diplomatic relations between USA and Finland – Interview with a spokeman of the US Embassy in Finland

    Being an Erasmus stud­ent means to discover­ culture and habits o­f the country in whic­h you are hosted. This interview […]

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    Ethics and Business – Interview with professor Andrew Abela

    Interview with Andrew Abela, Provost, founding Dean of the School of Business & Economics and Associate Professor of Marketing at […]

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    The Democratic National Convention – July 25-28, 2016

    With the end of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week, Donald Trump gets ready for the last phase […]

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    Searching for Security in a Distressed World: The 2016 NATO Summit.

    Poland recently hosted the 2016 NATO Summit in its national stadium, located on eastside of the Vistula river in Warsaw. […]

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