Interview to Angelo Baiocchi

Journalist, writer, professor, author, director: these are the roles that were held by Angelo Baiocchi, who is even a famous communication’s expert. The Center for American Studies had the pleasure to interview professor Baiocchi on the occasion of the presentation of his new book “Comunicazione e politica: guida moderna per cittadini sbandati e politici allo sbando”.


What do you think are the main differences between American and Italian political communication?

The American electoral campaign of the latest presidential, at a content level, was of questionable quality level as the one we’re having now in Italy. The Italian political communication differs from the American one and from all the occidental ones because it reflects a unique political situation. Indeed, government and opposition in the other countries know they have a limited amount of time to perform their duties. In Italy, instead, you never know what it might happen because new political subjects are created every month due to our fragmented national specificity.


Some Experts affirm Trump uses a communication strategy associable with marketing. What do you think about this?

I agree with the experts. This kind of strategy is largely used and the USA have always been the leading forerunner of many communication trends. There are certainly some political positions that can be more easily associable with marketing language and others that would like to detach from this approach.


Who’s the Italian political leader that uses a communication strategy very similar to the USA president’s one?

Probably Silvio Berlusconi, who has been the founder of his own communication language in the Italian politics of the last two decades. I think the strategies of the most important leaders in the world could be configured as followers of some of his positions and intuitions.

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