Mission Statement


Art. 1)  1.1 An Association has been established with the name Associazione Centro Studi Americani (Center for American Studies Association);  the Association is a non-profit organization.

1.2 The Association may participate as a Member of other associations with similar purposes or with social and humanitarian goals.

1.3 The Association is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Art. 2) The Association’s registered offices are located in Rome, Via Michelangelo Caetani n. 32.

Art. 3) The Association’s purpose is to promote constructive dialogue and mutual understanding between the United States of America and Italy (also with regard to Italy’s role as a member of the European Union), through collaboration with other international organizations on an array of cultural, political and economic subjects concerning the United States.

The Association seeks:

  1. To preserve, develop and update the library – the cultural heritage of the Center – in order to promote the study and awareness of publications relevant to the Association’s mission;
  2. To organize conferences, exhibitions, round table discussions, debates and seminars;
  3. To promote advanced education courses through the involvement and collaboration of the Italian and American academic communities;
  4. To grant prizes, scholarships and other financial contributions for the advancement of study and research consistent with the aims of the Association, again through collaboration with institutions pursuing similar objectives;
  5. To promote scientific and cultural exchanges and research in the field of American studies, in particular the areas of literature, history, economics, law, and social sciences;
  6. To provide a meeting place for Italian and American citizens;
  7. To performe each connected auxiliary activities instrumental, affine, complement, additional or otherwise useful or appropriate in pursuit of its goals.

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