The Great Rivalry III: Security and Defence in the Middle East

The Euro-Gulf Information Centre, the NATO Defense College and the Center for American Studies have been glad to invite you to the conference “The Great Rivalry III: Security and Defence in the Middle East”.

The “Great Rivalry” cycle of events analyzed the geopolitical evolutions in the Middle East and in Northern Africa with high-level experts, professionals and politicians. The 2018’s edition was based on the security of the region and defense linked with changes of the geopolitical balance. The interventions covered prospectives from NATO, USA, Russia, United Kingdom and European Union (with the involvement of Italy) and the Gulf region.

This has been the programme of the conference:



10.00 – Welcome remarks       

Dr. Paolo Messa, Director of the Center for American Studies


10.15 – Panelist

Col. Filippo Bonsignore, NATO Defence College Director of Middle East Faculty


11.00 – Panelists

  • Vincenzo Amendola, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary
  • David Des Roches, Senior Military Fellow, Near East South Asia Center for Security Studies,National Defence University, Washington D.C.
  • MEP David Campbell Bannerman, European Parliament Head of Delegation for Iraq
  • Gumer Isaev, Head of the Center for the Contemporary Middle East Studies, San Pietersburg.
  • Ashraf Kishk, Head of Strategic Program Bahrain Center for Strategic, International & Energy Studies, Manama.


12.30 – Riepilogo e saluti

Dr. Mitchell Belfer, Euro-Gulf Information Centre Chairman.





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