Prize for American-Italian Relations

An acknowledgement of the value of friendly relations between Italy and the United States

Idea, Objectives, and Denomination

The Center for American Studies (from now on “CAS”), in keeping with its institutional mission and in light of the celebrations of the Centenary Anniversary, seeks to bring to fruition an additional element of connection between the Italian and American societies and cultures through an annual celebration of one or more American and Italian figures playing an active role in the construction of cultural, and/or professional and/or political and economic bridges between the two shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Aim of the Prize

The CAS will offer a recognition to no more than one person in each of the following fields, who has distinguished himself or herself through the promotion and continued support of civil and moral progress for the human race, consistent with the Italian-American cultural relationships.

  • Arts and Culture
  • Humanities, Social Sciences, Literature, and Economics
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Justice and Security
  1. Art and Culture

The ability to create, compose, or translate the universality of language and artistic message in all forms, and to promote and enhance artistic and archaeological culture. To express culture visually, figuratively, and musically; such as in dance, theater, film, multimedia and design.

  1. Humanities, Economics, and Literature

To contribute to the growth and advancement of the individual, as well as to the progress and development of shared values and relations between people and organizations. This category also includes all social sciences not included in art and culture.

  1. Technical and Technological Science

To contribute to overcoming the boundaries of science and the development of technology, namely the spread of scientific culture and technology in order to improve the quality of human life and protection of the environment. To also reduce the disparities of knowledge with developing companies.

  1. Justice and Security

Actively promote the common good and respect the rules of coexistence between people and nations. To ensure the peace and security of individuals and communities, including the commitment to the spread of civic culture and the protection of legality and/or transparency.

The Honorary Board

The CSA Board of Directors appoints a Honorary Board, chaired by the President, who, once the committee is established, leads the meetings. Each member has the opportunity to propose candidates to each sector. The Honorary Committee, that holds the highest level of discretion, elects an individual for each sector.